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We produce renewable energy for a cleaner, sustainable, better world.

What we do

vexuvo develops, finance, build, operate and own renewable energy assets in the long terms:

Here at vexuvo we believe that agro-photovoltaics, therefore the combination of energy production and agriculture, is going to have the most positive impact on our society. Renewable energies are in fact the best way to enable the ecological and energy transitions to a more sustainable way of living. vexuvo, combined with the technologies developed, makes Italy at the forefront of this epochal change. vexuvo, strengthened by its experience and natural propensity for innovation, studies and implements projects that enhance the context in which they are inserted from an environmental, social and economic point of view.

protect your energy

vexuvo builds stand-alone systems that are not connected to the electricity grid, with all the energy being produced, stored and used on-site. Stand-alone PV systems have become an alternative to fossil fuels due to the significant reduction in component costs and the spread of lithium-ion technology. When building these systems vexuvo follows a precise analysis of the system input variables - average irradiance, equivalent hours of daylight, orientation, tilt, shading - and output variables - user load pickup, time of use, autonomy - for ideal system sizing.

act together

vexuvo works with local communities and stakeholders to develop its renewable energy plants. Their inputs and needs are essential along the entire development process.


Create clean, low-cost, local energy

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Increase the energy efficiency of public buildings, ensuring significant savings for the entire community

Provide new opportunities for the local agricultural sector

Create new job opportunities